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New Inquiries: After a lot of thought, I've decided to discontinue booking my wedding/event
services, effective immediately, so I can concentrate on my therapeutic harp work. 
If you need any referrals, I'll be happy to forward you a list or you can go through the various
wedding association links below and see whom they have listed.

Past Clients: Thank you for your patronage over the past 15 years and for your lovely
and heart-felt testimonials.  It's been a privilege!








 *Photo taken at Hiland Park Country Club, Queensbury, NY 

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  Your Event

It's that special day...imagine yourself floating down the aisle to the strains of the Bridal March, or even a unique original, played lovingly on an equally unique and beautiful Celtic Harp!

Or perhaps you have a corporate function that requires an air of elegance. What better way to show your taste and creativity than to have the delicate and unobtrusive music of the harp wafting through the air?

Large or intimate, Donna Adams-Profeta can provide that quality of grace to compliment your special event -- at a reasonable price.

Wedding Ceremonies: This includes the half-hour prior to and including the processional (you can pick a separate prelude for the bridesmaids too), one or two pieces during the ceremony (i.e. for Unity Candle lighting; after or even during prayers) and the half-hour following the ceremony, including the recessional.  Note: If the ceremony starts late, requiring additional playing time up front, an equal amount will be subtracted off the other end, unless other arrangements are made.  If it starts more than a 1/2 hour late, the additional play time will be billed in 1/2 hour increments. A penalty fee will be assessed if the client leaves without resolving the issue.

Regarding Catholic and Episcopal Ceremonies: PLEASE check with your church to see if there will be a Mass right before your ceremony, so special set up arrangements can be made.  Arrival is normally scheduled an hour in advance of the play time (1-1/2 hours before the ceremony) and this isn't always possible.  Also, some churches will not accept non-religious music.  It rarely happens, but it's best to find out sooner, rather than later.

Wedding Cocktail Hours: A one-hour booking includes two 25 minute sets with a 10 minute break. Additional time will be in increments of 20-25 minutes with additional 10 minute breaks in between.

NOTE: Be aware that there may be some logistics involved with booking both the ceremony and the cocktail hour, depending on how much time there is between and if any moving is involved.

Attention Banquet Halls and Restaurants: In addition to playing for weddings, corporate events and various other functions, Donna is available for the listening pleasure of your regular dining patrons.  Regular weekly bookings offer savings over one-time engagements.  Please call 383-3524 or email for rates and availability.

House Concerts: What about having a concert right in your own home? Now there's something different! Give Donna a call at 383-3524 or email and discuss whatever ideas you might have.

*All outdoor events require shelter for the harp (minimum 8 ft. square)
 to protect it against precipitation or direct sun.
 Please check with your location to see if they have a gazebo or other portable shelter.


For Bio and CD information, check out Donna's
Celtic Harp Home

For a list of upcoming Bridal Shows and other Live Events,
see Donna's Events Calendar

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  Repertoire & Samples

In addition to a couple of standard wedding tunes (The Bridal March and Pachelbel's Canon in D), the repertoire is primarily composed of Celtic- and medieval-inspired arrangements and originals that are 'courtly' in nature.  Ranging from lovely and intimate to stately or lively, these pieces are appropriate for most styles of weddings and other elegant events.  In order to provide services to those on a budget, the ceremony selections are confined to those listed below.  Besides music that's specifically suitable for processionals and recessionals, a few incidental pieces are listed.  With the exception of Minstrel Boy (see Special Note below), any of them are suitable for ceremonial use.  As new pieces become available, they will be posted, so it's a good idea to check back periodically.

You can listen to solo harp recordings from Donna's Heavenly Harp Sampler in the chart below, for examples from her repertoire.  Selections most appropriate for wedding ceremonies are indicated below the chart.  Originals are prefaced with an asterisk(*) and most can be heard with backing instrumentals, vocals and poetic readings (where applicable) on her CD, Brynna's Aire *Plus Bonus Cuts* (click here for additional information). 2 minute samples can be heard and the album can be purchased on-line at, along with a bonus 2-song CD single.



*Photo by T.R. Laz


Sampler Selections: require an mp3 player.

~ Please be aware that these files are not CD quality ~


  1.  *Etude #2/Gently Falls the Rain mp3   8.   Arran Boat Song mp3
  2.  *Alack the Day mp3   9.  *Ploughman's Son mp3
  3.  *Abhay's Fancy mp3 10.  Minstrel Boy (see note below) mp3
  4.  *Lavender Rose mp3 11.  *Brynna's Aire mp3
  5.  The Bridal March mp3 12.  Pachelbel's Canon in D Major mp3
  6.  *Thistle Down mp3 13. *The Wedding Reel mp3
  7.   St. Martin's Lane
        (aka "Hole-in-the-Wall")

         *Written by Donna L. Profeta

Note: Sampler CD available for serious requests

Wedding Notes:  Several of the above are appropriate for ceremonial use, including the following:

  5.   The Bridal March - for traditionalists
  6. *Thistle Down - recommended for either processionals or recessionals and has a Celtic march-like feel (Note: has a fanfare at the beginning, not included on the audio sample).
  7.   Hole-in-the-Wall - actually a stately medieval dance with an odd name, but works well as a processional or recessional.
  8.   Arran Boat Song - great interlude for candle lighting ceremonies, releasing doves, etc.
  9. *The Ploughman's Son - bright, upbeat and good recessional material, but also usable as a processional.
11. *Brynna's Aire - should you care to have the bridesmaids waltz down the aisle...
12.  Pachelbel's Canon in D Major - airy, slow piece, best utilized as the bridesmaid's processional.
13.  *The Wedding Reel - up tempo, neo-Celtic tune for skipping back down the aisle.<g>

Special Note: While Minstrel Boy (# 10) is a lovely song, please be aware that it's actually about war, capture and slavery...not exactly a theme you might want to promote at your wedding!  It's part of the regular repertoire for the 1/2 hour prior, but it is best to avoid using it during the actual ceremony (it's listed because it's a tune most people are familiar with).  Danny Boy is also part of the general repertoire, but it too is really inappropriate for wedding ceremony use.  However....if you REALLY want either as part of the ceremony proper, I'll play it/them.

See Ceremonial Music Tips below

Sample Sets:  The following are sample sets that I commonly use.  Only the processionals are truly traditional in the Traditional set, but I wanted to differentiate between that and the Formal (non-traditional) list.  I indicated the same pieces in all 3 cases for the Unity Candle and Recessional, as that's what my brides have overwhelmingly selected in the past. 

If you'd prefer a musical interlude (as opposed to something behind a Unity Candle lighting or Sand Ceremony, etc.), Brynna's Aire and Alack the Day are better as stand-alone pieces.  Brynna's Aire is already selected for the Bridal Party in the Celtic list, so Alack the Day is a good option.  I may have other suggestions besides, that haven't been recorded.  Please contact me if interested.

While the sample sets make things easier, please read the Ceremonial Music Tips section to make sure that they're suitable for your particular circumstances:

Bridal Party Processional:  Canon in D Major -- Johanne Pachelbel, 17th c.
Bride's Processional:  Bridal March -- Richard Wagner, 1888
Unity Candle:  Arran Boat Song
  -- Scottish Traditional
The Wedding Reel -- Donna Adams-Profeta, 2004

Formal (non-traditional):
Bridal Party Processional:  Etude #1/Winter Thyme -- Donna Adams-Profeta, 1999
Bride's Processional:  St. Martin's Lane -- Henry Purcell, 17th c.
Unity Candle:  Arran Boat Song -- Scottish Traditional
Recessional:  The Wedding Reel -- Donna Adams-Profeta, 2004

Bridal Party Processional:  Brynna's Aire -- Donna Adams-Profeta, 1992
Bride's Processional:  Thistle Down -- Donna Adams-Profeta, 1992
Unity Candle:  Arran Boat Song -- Scottish Traditional
Recessional:  The Wedding Reel -- Donna Adams-Profeta, 2004

See Ceremonial Music Tips below

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*Photo by Harvey Vlahos: Altamont Manor Photography.  Taken for Renaissance Wedding at Altamont Manor on 9/20/14.

  Ceremonial Music Tips

Choosing your music selections takes a bit of thought beyond how much you like a particular song.  Each piece serves a specific function and should be considered in relation to that function, as well as any music that comes immediately before or after it.

As the title indicates, this is music that the bride and/or attendants process to and is usually something of a slow, rhythmic nature that announces the bride.  Depending on the number of bridesmaids and how long the aisle is, you might want to consider a separate piece for them.  If you only have 1 or 2 and the aisle is short, one piece would probably work best.  Otherwise there may only be time for a few measures before having to switch gears, which can sound rather stilted.  If you do decide on a separate processional for the bridesmaids, keep in mind that anything you pick should be somewhat mellower than what you'll be processing to. The music should build up, not down.

For the mothers, you have 3 options: a) they can be seated during whatever I happen to be playing at the time; b) they can come down the aisle to the same piece as (and just prior to) the attendants; and c) you can choose a separate piece altogether (see Preludes below).  Again, if you opt for 2 processionals and a prelude, they should build up as you go, not vice versa.  For instance, Thistle Down, Ploughman's Son and Hole-in-the-Wall do not work well prior to Pachelbel's Canon in D, as it is a slow, languid piece and would be anticlimactic following any of the preceding.  As stated under the Wedding Notes (above), Pachelbel's Canon is best utilized as the bridesmaid's processional, leading up to either the Bridal March or one of the other suggested pieces.  Brynna's Aire also works well for the bridesmaids, but like Pachelbel's Canon, is not dramatic enough to serve as the bride's processional.

Note: If you're going to have lots of people (the mothers, grandmothers, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, flower girls and/or ring bearers) coming down the aisle to the same piece, DO NOT pick Pachelbel's Canon in D.  It is repetitive by nature (a canon is composed of a repetitive musical phrase) and it doesn't take long for it to become monotonous.  If you must have the parents come down to a specific piece, select one in addition to the Canon in D or something else entirely.  Check with me if you're not sure.

Music used behind or between readings, prayers or during the Unity Candle lighting, etc., should be peaceful and languid, so as to not distract from the reading or whatever visual portion of the ceremony it's meant to support.  Arran Boat Song is a good example.

In general, something more upbeat and celebratory best fills the bill.  Of the 4 pieces best suited for recessionals: Thistle Down is the most march-like, Hole-in-the-Wall is more stately, Ploughman's Son is more upbeat and The Wedding Reel is the most lively. Brynna's Aire is also usable, if you'd like something light and airy, although it doesn't make a pronouncement like the other 4 selections.

There can certainly be exceptions, but again it's good to give some thought to the specific function that the music is supporting.  Listen to the above sampler selections and imagine yourself at each point during the ceremony...  Does this piece announce my arrival?  Does this one declare we're a married couple?  I like the way this one ebbs and flows for the Unity Candle lighting.  I can imagine the bridesmaids walking down the aisle to this one!

Incidentally, any piece not specifically selected for a particular function (with the exception of the Bridal March), will probably turn up somewhere else either before or after the ceremony.


Occasionally there is a request for a specific piece from the repertoire to be played just before the processional(s).  This is called a prelude.  Be aware that due to the fact that the prelude comes immediately prior to the processional(s), that I must be notified as to when to start and the bridal party must be prepared to go immediately upon it's completion. Whomever is organizing the bridal party will need to make sure that they don't begin processing until their processional starts.  Also, if the pieces picked are all in different keys, there will be a brief (5-10 seconds tops) pause between selections, while I adjust my harp's levers to each key.  I generally plan the music prior to the processional(s) to be in the same key, to avoid having to stop and switch.  In most cases, the mothers are seated and have the groomsmen set up during whatever I happen to be playing at the time and someone then notifies me when the processional(s) is to begin.  There is often a substantial amount of time after the groomsmen are set up and the rest of the bridal party is in position, so I just keep playing until I'm notified.  If a specific piece (or more) is chosen as a prelude, this leaves no leeway for error.

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~ The Final Testimonial ~
" Donna made our wedding everything we expected it to be. She always stayed in contact
and kept us up to date.  We scheduled everything from AZ and, for never meeting her
til the day of, it was wonderful and flawless."
- Jessica Shuster

." Not only were you prompt, courteous and professional, your music was beautiful & touching.  Your harp & music provided a serene and
non-traditional atmosphere I (as well as my
husband & guests) loved!" 

- Heather (Russell) Olson


"As a wedding officiant, I work quite closely with other wedding vendors, but often not until the day-of.  It was a pleasure to perform a recent ceremony with musical accompaniment by Donna Adams-Profeta of Heavenly Harp.  I strive to arrive at least an hour early to each ceremony, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Donna also on site, well in advance, preparing her instrument and music.  Donna had a copy of the ceremony in front of her and was ready with questions for me about cues and any special elements of the ceremony that would need music.  The bride and groom had incorporated many unique rituals and meaningful words in their ceremony, and the Celtic harp music was the perfect touch!  For beautiful music and a most professional vendor, I would highly recommend Heavenly Harp for your special ceremony or event." 

Jessica Rowell,
Ceremony Officiant

Carissa Ceremonies


" We loved every second of it.  Your sound is
amazing and beautiful.  Thank you for making our ceremony so unique & special." 

- Tracey & Steven Schultz

"The harp was a unique touch to an elegant wedding!  The Celtic theme was original and a surprising element to our guests.  Your performance was sweet to the ears for us all. 
I especially loved every minute!"

- Lindsey R. Miller 

" Having Donna play her beautiful harp before
and after my ceremony was the perfect touch.
She is an incredible musician and I would
highly recommend her to play for anyone!"
- James & Julie Hayes

" Donna, you were absolutely amazing!  Julie and I listened to your CD as we were opening our
wedding gifts.  It was the perfect backdrop! 
Thank you!" 

- Also, James & Julie Hayes

"The music was beautiful and added an elegant
touch to our ceremony. Thank you for helping
to make our day perfect!"

- Mary & James Harding
"Everything was perfect!  We were so happy with your music.  You made everything so easy and it was a pleasure to have you at our ceremony."
- Mallory Hamlin
"You are a very talented musician.  Our guests
raved about your performance.  Thank you for
adding to our special day."
- Erika & Daniel Gangi

"We were so pleased with your performance. 
We would highly recommend you to others. 
Thank you so very much!"
- Tina & Joe Richards

"You added so much to our dream day.  We love having our video so we can look back and
hear your lovely music."
- Jill Gunn Latterick

"Thank you so much Donna for performing at our wedding.  Your music was so beautiful to hear and we enjoyed every part of it.  So glad we chose you to play
at our wedding.  Breath taking music!!"
- Michele Moore

"Derek and I want to thank you for playing at our wedding in August at the Altamont Manor.
Your lovely music just made the ceremony.  Working with you was a wonderful experience."
- Kimberly Lane

"Thank you so much.  The music that you played
made the ceremony unforgettable..."

- Samantha Hogan

"The music was beautiful & unique - I loved it. 
Thank you!
- Andrea Knapp

"Your music was my favorite part of the wedding, next to actually getting married, that is.  
Thanks for making our evening so special."

- Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Terry

"Your beautiful music was romantic, inspiring and exquisite.  Our guests raved about your performance.  Thank you!"
- Suzanne Morrison Gauvreau


"Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding ceremony.  The music was beautifully played and simply elegant, adding that very special touch to our wedding.  Our guests loved your music!  Thank you for making our special day so memorable."
- Jim & Kim Raczinski

"Thank you so much for your guidance with our song selections.  They were perfect.  Your website is wonderful and very helpful to busy wedding planners.  Your expertise and fast email responses make
your services top notch!"

- Mr. and Mrs. Van Strander

"The music was perfect!  We were very happy with your music choices and would use you again
in a heartbeat!"

- Robin & Moises Ramos

"You did a wonderful job!  Everyone commented on how nice you sounded.  I'll definitely recommend you
to everyone I know.  Thank you!"
- Joo Lee Erschen

"I just want to say that the harp music was beautiful and it really created the atmosphere that we were looking for.  Please let me know if you ever need
a reference. The guests loved it!"

- Kristen & Chad Cassells

"Every Guest at our wedding told us that you
sounded great and your style of playing was perfect for such a ceremony.  We would recommend you
to all of our friends."
- Matt Carle

"Your presence and music were a perfect compliment to our wedding.  Everything you did to accommodate us was greatly appreciated.  You are a wonderful asset to any wedding!"
- Jacquilynn Lesson

"Our guests absolutely loved your playing and found it a refreshing change from the organ in the orthodox church.  We received many compliments and more
keep coming - highly recommend you.  Thank you."

- Niko & Nicole Ladopoulos

"Thank you so much for helping to make our
wedding day a very memorable one.  
You were fantastic!"

- Matthew & Patrice Howard

"Donna, everyone loved your music.  You have
made our wedding day complete.  
You did a great job!

- Mary Ann McGee

"We loved the sound of the harp.  It was elegant and added the perfect touch to our wedding.  
Thank you again, Donna."

- Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kowalski

"We received numerous comments about how beautiful you sounded.  You made our wedding more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Thank you!"
- Joyce Harrington-Stevens

"Thank you for the beautiful music you provided for our wedding on July 13th, it was perfect! I am so happy we chose the Celtic Harp for our ceremony, it really fit in with the beautiful setting.
Thank you for making our day even more special!"
- Mr. & Mrs. Reid

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful music on
May 18.  It was just lovely and you had many wonderful complements from our guests.  I can't thank you enough for helping to make our day special.  It was the perfect music for the setting and we couldn't have been more pleased."

- Chelsy and Dave Edmonson

"The music was absolutely beautiful.  We were so appreciative that you could play at our wedding."
- Mike and Amy Stec

"We received many compliments on your heartfelt music during the cocktail hour - Thank you so much!!"
- Laurie C. Phibbs

"The music was beautiful and you have received many compliments!"
- Melissa Billah

"Great job.  Everyone commented on how lovely the harp sounded.  Thanks so much."
- Colleen Bates

"Thank you for playing at our reception - many guests commented on your beautiful music."
- Torsten & Stephani

"We were so glad that we chose you to perform at our wedding.  Your music was beautiful."
- Carrie & Brian Galati

"Absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for adding such
grace & beauty to our wedding day!"

- Paige Bulmer

"I have received more compliments from our guests on how elegant you made our ceremony. Thanks."

- Heather Lewis

"Thank you so much!  It was really great having you and really added to the feeling of our wedding ceremony.  World class!  People are still
commenting how good you were."
- Emily Lemieux

"I just wanted to write and thank you again for providing such a wonderful service for the wedding. 
Everyone loved your music and it made
the wedding just perfect."
- Leanna Vormer
"The harp was an elegant taste [and] a unique and surprising touch to a wedding. I also went with the celtic themed wedding so the tunes were non-
traditional but as flattering and just as intimate for an intimate and elegant ceremony :) Donna was prompt
on responding with me and communication was easy.
I booked her immediately and am thrilled to have had her services! If you're looking for different, elegant,
and emotional, contact Donna. :)"
- Lindsey O.
We celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary in our family. Ms. Adams worked with us to fit us into her schedule. Her music was beautiful and relaxing and added such
an elegant ambiance to the evening. She was a delight
to talk to. She kept in constant contact via email prior
to the event.  I would highly recommend her.

-Wendy H.
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  Contact Information

Please include the following information when requesting rates:

  1. DATE

  2. START TIME and LENGTH OF TIME.  For weddings, if interested in both the ceremony and cocktail hour, please specify separately.

  3. LOCATION, including name of venue and street address.  For weddings, if looking to book both the ceremony and cocktail hour, please Indicate if they're in separate venues or in different areas within the same venue (including inside or outside).


  5.  How you found this site.  Thank you!

*All outdoor events require shelter for the harp (minimum 8 ft. square)
to protect it and the amplifier against precipitation or direct sun.
Please check with your location to see if they have a gazebo or other portable shelter.

Donna is in the Upstate NY Capital District area and is available for weddings and events in Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, Troy, Lake George and environs.  She can be contacted at:

Donna Adams-Profeta
Ballston Lake, NY
(518) 383-3524


*NOTE: Unless you are a Yahoo user, please use the AOL address.  If you have a Yahoo address,
your email bounces back or you don't hear back in a timely manner, please use the Yahoo address.
Our apologies for any inconvenience.  AOL and Yahoo don't always play well together...

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For bio and CD information, go to: Harp Home

Donna is also a Certified Music Practitioner, trained to play therapeutic music at the bedside.
For more information go to:
Harp for Healing

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